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September 19th, 2005

Randy Rhoads 1956 – 1982

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Band: Ozzy Osbourne
Other Bands: Foreigner, Bryan Adams, UFO, & Pat Travers
Date: March 20, 1982
Venue: Tangerine Bowl, Orlando FL
Ticket Price: $15.00

Although Foreigner is listed as the head-liner, this concert will always be about Ozzy. And here’s why…

On March 19, 1982, Ozzy was heading to Rock Super Bowl XIV in Orlando FL when they stopped at the tour bus drivers house in Lessburg, FL. The bus driver was also a pilot and Randy Rhoads & the bands hair dresser, Rachel Youngblood, went for a ride in his plane. Apparently the pilot tried to make a mock divebomb at the bus but the plane clipped the bus and went flying into a house. Randy Rhoads, just 25 years of age, was killed instantly.

Randy was the reason I was going to that show. His guitar work was brilliant. His sound was perfect. And his polka-dot Flying-V was pretty cool too. The rock world lost a great guitarist.

I decided to go to the concert anyway. And seeing all the banners that said things like “We’ll miss you Randy“ confirmed that he was already a legend.

September 10th, 2005

The Police

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Band: The Police
Opening Act: Joan Jett
Date: March 14, 1982
Venue: Lakeland Civic Center
Ticket Price: $10.50

Definitely a cool show. I’ve always been a huge fan of Stewart Copeland. I think he’s one of the greatest drummers. And I remember someone threw a cup of water (or something) at Sting. The crowd started booing the person who threw it but Sting calmed them down. Then he said something like, “Want to know what this guy’s problem is? He doesn’t get enough sex!” Haha…not sure why I remember that. But I do.

September 1st, 2005

Jefferson Starship

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Jefferson Starship

Band: Jefferson Starship
Opening Act: Red Rider
Date: November 20, 1981
Venue: Lakeland Civic Center
Ticket Price: $10.00

The colest thing about this concert was the guitar work of Craig Chaquico! I have some of his solo jazz cds. Good stuff.