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October 21st, 2005

The Go-Go’s

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Band: The Go-Go’s
Opening Act: A Flock of Seagulls
Date: Sept 21, 1982
Venue: Bayfront Center Arena
Ticket Price: $10.50

The Go-Go’s? Zoinks! Please don’t throw anything at me. Haha…I admit it. I was a concert junkie. I love music. All types. And yes, I enjoyed this concert. The funniest thing is I had to go to this show by myself. None of my friends would go with me. :-)

Hey, at least I can say that I saw “A Flock of Seagulls” in concert (opening act). How many people can boast about that? How many people want to boast about that? Haha…Remember their song “I Ran (So Far Away)”…I’m suddenly getting an early 80’s MTV flashback!

October 9th, 2005

Rod Stewart

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Band: Rod Stewart
Date: 1982
Venue: Bayfront Center Arena
Ticket Price: $12.50

This one goes in my top ten all time greatest concerts! Some of you may only know the pop songs by Rod Stewart like – Maggie May, You Wear it Well, Do Ya Think I’m Sexy, Hot Legs, etc…But Rod Stewart is so much more than those songs. He started out in the 60’s singing for bands like “The Jeff Beck Group” and “The Faces” with Ron Wood. Then he began his solo career and the rest is history.

This concert was absolutely awesome! Rod Stewart performed like the rock -n- roll legend that he is.

Bar none, he’s the best singer I’ve heard in rock’n’ roll. – Elton John

October 6th, 2005


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Band: Nazareth
Date: September 10, 1982
Venue: Lakeland Civic Center Arena
Ticket Price: $9.00

I don’t remember this concert at all. My guess is that I went because I wanted to see the opening band. But I don’t even remember who opened. And I don’t even know much about Nazareth. I can only think of two of their songs – Love Hurts (remake), & Hair of the Dog (now you’ree messin’ with a…).

October 1st, 2005

Molly Hatchet

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molly hatchet

Band: Molly Hatchet
Date: May 2, 1982
Venue: Bayfront Center Arena
Ticket Price: $8.50

Hmmm…Not exactly a big fan. But it looks like I went to the concert. So I’m posting it!

Do you realize these guys are still recording? I checked out the Wiki – Molly Hatchet site and was a bit surprised to see that they’ve released 10 CD’s since 1990. Whodathunkit?

Since this post is in the southern rock category, are there any Lynyrd Skynyrd fans out there? For me, there is only one southern rock band. And it’s Skynryd! Unfortunately, I never had the chance to see them live.