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August 27th, 2005


Posted by Scooby in Concerts


Band: Journey
Opening Act: Loverboy
Date: October 23, 1981
Ticket Price: $9.95

I think this was the Escape tour. I bet everyone remembers tunes like Who’s Crying Now, Open Arms, Stone in Love, & Don’t Stop Believin’. I saw them several times in concert. And I always enjoyed watching Neal Schon play the guitar. I have to admit that I usually change the radio station these days when I hear them. But back in the early 80’s they were a class act!

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  1. Michelle said:

    on September 23rd, 2005 at 9:16 pm

    I saw this tour, but it was in Vancouver. Then the next night, my band opened for Loverboy at a club gig, before they rejoined the Journey tour. Love both bands. :)