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July 16th, 2006

The Joe Perry Project

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The Joe Perry Project

Band: The Joe Perry Project
Date: April 16th, 1983
Venue: Crown Lounge, 49th St. St Petersburg, FL
Ticket Price: $4.98

I’ve been looking forward to this post. cool I’m a huge Joe Perry fan. I grew up on a diet, loaded with Joe Perry guitar chops! The first time I heard the guitar lick on the song “Adams Apple” I knew this guy was going to be one of my favorites. He just has a great style. Eddie Van Halen once said that Eric Clapton can say in 3 notes what other guitar players need 100 notes to say. I feel the same way about Joe Perry. He doesn’t have to shred from one end of the guitar neck to the other. He can grab a handful of notes and impress you!

This concert was very cool. And I actually won the tickets on the radio. The DJ gave away tickets to the first person who could name the state in the US that only has one syllable. I called in and won. Anyone know the answer? Haha…I had a problem though. I wasn’t old enough to get into the club. So when the DJ asked me what my name and address was, I gave him my friends name who was old enough. Then, the night of the concert…Well, lets just say I got in. :-)

Joe rocked. I remember him starting to play the beginning lick to “Walk This Way” and then stopping and saying “No way in hell, kids.”

Great concert! Great guitarist! Joe Perry will always be one of my favorites!

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